Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider Maison Chic Interiors and Paula Raymond as my interior designer?


Design is my absolute passion – I live for it. My mind is always turning about how to improve a home or office so that my clients who use it are comfortable in it and happy about it every day.  As an interior designer, I help create spaces that are not only beautiful but functional and inviting – spaces that you and your family and friends will want to be in. Through collaboration with the client and the use and knowledge of furniture placement, space planning, color palettes and functional decor, I help my clients fall in love with their homes. Read a little more about me HERE

— Q: What do you charge?


You’ll find that my rates are very competitive, especially for smaller projects less than 40 hours. I believe that everyone deserves a well designed interior space. You will have the option to contract at a flat rate based on your over-all project or enter into an hourly agreement. My current hourly rate is $100/hr and billed in 15 minute increments. Please contact me for a rate quote & time estimate that is specific to your individual project.

— Q: What is a typical project like?


I am commonly asked this question; however there is not an easy answer – since every client and project are special and unique.  Once a project begins, you will be in constant communication with me. I do a lot of work by email, text & phone since it is an incredibly efficient form of communication, and allows quicker turn-around time. Typically, I send project plans, product selections, and we will bounce ideas off of each other by email. We might also have periodic conference  calls with other parties such as contractors. During your project, I will come to your project site and review the project progress. Depending on the size of your project, we may need 1 or 2 or even several in person meetings to discuss progress or concerns, plan for the next phase, choose materials, etc…

— Q: Will I get a floor plan or color or 3D rendering like seen on HGTV?


Since we are always trying to be smart with design hours, we typically do not make artist illustrations, actual mood/furniture boards or other time consuming items or documentation unless absolutely essential.  Room redesigns that do not require any structural work can be conveyed with a digital mood board and/or basic sketch of the space in conjunction with an on-site meeting. A 3D digital and/or floorpan renderings can take 10-20+ hours per average size room.  We find that walking through the design or putting blue tape on walls/floors is the best approach for communicating what to expect, often in conjunction with a basic sketch or digital mood board for general decoration.

For projects requiring structural changes – a floor plan and 3D digital renderings are usually necessary to communicate design ideas with architects and contractors about work being done.

**Please note, Paula Raymond is not an architect or structural engineer. Plans or drawings provided by Paula Raymond are for space planning and design concept only. The services of an actual licensed architect and/or structural engineer may be necessary for projects with any structural additions or changes.

— Q: Do you discount furniture or items purchased through your exclusive trade relationships?


Designers have relationships with vendors and trades and often receive items or services at a discount. When possible I pass along part or all of a discount to my clients which helps the client receive a deal that they wouldn’t receive otherwise in the retail world. It is not possible to quote a standard discount % since each trade/vendor offers something different. You will always be able to approve your cost/pricing for an item prior to being obligated to pay or reimburse me for it. 

— Q: What if I don’t like an item or material that was purchased for my project once it is delivered or installed?


When purchasing furniture for your home, sometimes you are ordering your furniture from our design sheets which will include a few photos of the product, a website link  and as many details about the product (size, weight, etc.) that we can provide.  When we order the furniture, every order is a custom order for your specific piece from a furniture manufacturer.  Because of the custom nature of these furniture orders, all sales are final on custom orders and we are unable to accept returns -unless the manufacturer offers to work with us on a return or exchange, in which case their return, exchange or warranty rules will apply.

If you are uncomfortable with ordering items online or through a catalog, let us know up- front and we can focus our furniture searches on big-box stores that may have floor samples that you can sit on and look at.  Keep in mind though, finding your exact piece on a showroom floor is becoming difficult to do and will typically increase the number of design hours required for your project since we will have to call &/or visit local stores to see if they have a sample on the showroom floor.

Decor and material selections that have been approved by you and subsequently purchased for your project are subject to the manufacturer’s return policies. Please see your contract for more information about this matter.

— Q: Why do you charge a consultation fee?


From the minute I enter your home, I start looking for ways I can help you avoid many of the common and costly mistakes many people make when undertaking an interior design project. During your consultation with me, you will walk away with ideas and insights that I have spent many years of my life learning- to be in a position to provide. Your investment in a consultation with me will pay for itself many times over. Guaranteed.

— Q: Why do you charge a termination fee?


As a professional in this business I need to address a possible scenario that could occur – unfortunately that is a client wishing to terminate my services after a contract is signed. During the consultation phase of getting to know each other, you will determine if I am a good fit for you and your project – and I will make the same decision as well. A lot of consideration goes into taking on a client’s project and sometimes I will need to choose one client over another due to time constraints and the desire to offer my full and necessary attention to a project. If a client I choose to work with then decides to terminate before the project is complete and due to reasons other than a default on my part – there is lost income to consider.

The termination fee is also a good reason for the client to work through issues that may arise and help to find a solution that makes everyone happy instead of jumping to termination without exhausting all options to resolve issues. In the end, if all options have been considered, and the client wishes to terminate – this matter has been addressed up front and in the contract and both parties can part with no further liability or hard feelings.

— Q: When do you invoice and when and how do I pay you?


The consultation fee is due within 24 hours prior to your consultation appointment. There is a credit given to you for the consultation fee if you sign a contract within 15 days of your consultation.

Your non-refundable retainer is due at the time you sign a contract with me, before any work is started and is an advance toward the time spent toward your project -billed hourly in 15 minute increments. You will receive an invoice between the 1st & 10th of each month detailing work done, time spent and billing for additional hours in blocks of time as per your contract. (For example, after your initial retainer has been used and billed hourly – your contract might state that additional time is billed in advance in 8 hour blocks)

Invoices for designer time are due within 5 days of client receiving invoice.

Payment methods accepted are; cash, Paypal (3% fee applies) , Facebook payments or cashier’s check. (No personal or business checks are accepted.)

Payments can be mailed, paid online or delivered in person.

At the end of your project, prepaid and unused hours (beyond the initial retainer) will be refunded to you within 20 days after official project completion -as confirmed by a completion agreement signed by all parties. 

These few FAQ’s can’t possibly address all questions so please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns that you have.

Maison Chic Interiors by Paula Raymond strives for 100% client satisfaction through all phases of each project and believes that communication at all turns is the true key to achieving that goal.

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