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Unless otherwise specified in your contract, rates and pricing are as follows;



Consultation Fee

$100 for up to 1 hour. Consultation will include a discussion about your space and vision for the project. A walk through of the space or review of photos provided. Discussion about client’s budget and timeline preference. Q&A about policies and procedures and contract items.

This fee is billed no later than the day before your scheduled appointment & must be paid prior to your appointment. A credit of $100 is applied to your final invoice if you contract for the project within 15 days of your consultation.


$100 per hour – billed in 15 minute increments.

This method requires a retainer, the amount will be noted in your contract. The retainer is non-refundable and is an advance towards time for your project as noted in your contract.

Clients who choose this method will be given an “estimate” for time in which the designer feels confident they can complete the project or phase of the project based on the agreed & contracted “scope of work.”  All time spent on the project is billed** – including but not limited to; time spent on site, online & in person sourcing & shopping, design & concept creation, travel time in excess of 25 miles, store & design center meetings for materials.

(**Reasonable phone calls, texts and emails are not tracked or billed-  however, the Designer reserves the right at the Designer’s sole discretion to begin tracking and charging at any time if communications become unreasonable, excessive and/or lengthy.)

Flat Rate

Flat fee clients are billed at 50% due on the date of the contract and the remainder due as per the custom payment schedule noted in your contract. (No work is started until 50% of flat fee is paid.)


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